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Aluminum Rods - Most Economical

Best Value Corner Rod

An affordable Corner Shower Rod option that is made from a lightweight aluminum material.

Not designed for heavy usage. Rectangular Wall Flanges are included. Comes in many sizes.

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Best Value - Corner Shower Rods

Corner Shower Rod

Quality and Price makes these our Best Value Corner Shower Rods.

You'll find the most popular sizes in the Polished Chrome finish.

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Corner Shower Rods w/ Ceiling Support

Corner Rod w/Ceiling Support

The best selection of finishes and sizes. These Corner Shower Rods include a Ceiling Support and Rectangular Wall Flanges.

Custom Sizes are also available - please contact our Customer Service department.

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Highest Quality Corner Shower Rods

High Quality Corner Rod

When only the very best will do... constructed of a thick gauge brass tubing for strength and endurance.

One piece Corner Shower Rod, in a variety of sizes and finishes.

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Decorative Corner Shower Rods

Decorative Corner Rod

Looking for a Contemporary look or a Timeless Traditional Style? Enhance your bath decor with our Decorative Corner Shower Rods.

Available in many styles, sizes and finishes.

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Special Finishes - Corner Shower Rods

Multitude of Finishes Corner Rod

Included with this Corner Shower Rod are Concealed Mounted Wall Flanges and a Ceiling Support.

A high quality shower rod that is available in 20 finishes!

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