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Crescent Shower Rod

Crescent Shower RodThe Original "Crescent" Shower Rod - the one that started the Curved Shower Rod trend.

Strong enough to be used commercially, yet attractive for residential usage.

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Double Curved Shower Rod

Double Curved Shower RodUse the Curved Rod that allows more elbow room when showering as well as keeping water from escaping onto the bathroom floor.

With extra space between rods to hang bath towels.

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The ARC Shower Bar

The Arc Shower RodA contemporary style Curved Shower Rod that is made from aircraft grade aluminum.

It is a 1" Flat Bar design with an 8" Arch. Also, it is pliable and has more flexibility than any other Curved Shower Rod.

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Curved Shower Rod - Extra Wide

Decorative Curved RodThe Original "Crescent" shower rod that is enlarged by adding (2) 5" extensions. Making the total rod width of 82".

More extensions can be purchased and added. It can also be cut down if a shorter width is needed.

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Parts & Components

Wide Curved Shower RodWe sell parts & components for our Curved Shower Rods. You will find the shower rod extensions and wall plates that will cover existing holes.

The Swivel End Flanges can also be purchased separately.

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