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Highest Quality Oval Shower Rod

High Quality Oval Shower Rod

Our highest quality in oval shower rods, German Brass material, handcrafted.

A one-piece shower rod with 2 fixed ceiling stays.

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Oval Leg Tub Enclosure

Leg Tub Oval Shower Rod

For a perfect enclosure of your tub, this oval shower rod mounts from the ceiling and the wall.

Supports can be adjusted to size.

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Oval Shower Rod

30" Wide Oval Shower Rod

For tubs with a 30" width we sell our most affordable oval rod with 4 ceiling stays for stronger support.

We carry colors beyond standard finishes.

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Oval Shower Rod

36" Wide Oval Shower Rod

Our 36" width oval shower curtain rods mounts directly to the ceiling.

Use it with our open top shower rings for the best in versatility and trouble free operation.

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