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Adjustable End Flange

Adjustable Shower Brackets

If you do not want to drill into your tile - the tension mount shower rod holders are the answer.

Works with a 1" diameter straight shower rod.

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Classic/ Traditional End Flanges

Classic Shower Brackets

Classic & Traditional brackets, a distinguish style to stand the test of time.

Themes include Beaded, Weave, Oval and Wave.

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Contemporary End Flanges

Contemporary Shower Brackets

With a modern and sleek style, these rounded and square contemporary brackets will give you an upscale look.

Made of solid brass and concealed mounted brackets.

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Elegant/ Ornate End Flange

Elegant Ornate Shower Brackets

Floral ornated brackets that have a constrast that will highlight the elegance of the overall design.

Also available, are bathroom accessories to match the decor.

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Standard End Flanges

Standard Shower Brackets

These affordable end flanges give you a nice clean look.

The rectangular end flanges comes included with most shower rods.

Also available are heavy duty end flanges.

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Swivel End Flange

Swivel Shower Brackets

Swivel Flanges or Brace, allow adjustments for an angled wall or ceiling.

These fit in a 1" diameter shower rod.

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